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    50 Life Insights

    50 Life Insights for the New Year

    There are a lot of things we don’t realize about life. We’re so busy focusing on things that don’t matter, that we don’t see its beauty and its essence. Although it’s not all smiles and sunshine, it’s still something to cherish.

    There are times I lay awake in my room, reflecting on what could’ve been or what should’ve been. What if I did this or what if I said that; the endless what ifs that go through our heads are the ones that will consume us, fill us with regret. Honestly, it will make you miserable.

    But what I also think about on those nights where I toss and turn are the things I could still do to make a difference and the things I just have to accept. Just like the saying “accept what you can’t change and change what you can’t accept”. I realized that maybe it’s not too late to start making a change for the better.

    I once read in a book by Jillian Dodd that sometimes we just need to stop and smell the roses. So here are the 50 insights that I realized about life that can help us all get out of our comfort zones, live life to the fullest, and most importantly, discover ourselves in this crazy yet wonderful world:

    1. There is always a choice in this world.


    1. We are free to do whatever we want, we just don’t realize we can.


    1. It’s okay not to be okay.


    1. Life’s too short to waste your time sitting around on your phone.


    1. It’s possible to live without Wi-Fi


    1. Many people lack self-love and self-worth. We should learn to love ourselves.


    1. Society is kind of messed up in some way, but it’s not too late to fix that.


    1. It’s ok to isolate yourself and spend time alone.


    1. Friends come and go. Only the best will stick with you.


    1. The only person you can trust is yourself.


    1. It seems hard to find love and happiness these days. You have to realize you are worthy and deserving first.


    1. Be different.


    1. It’s ok to break the rules from time to time.


    1. You won’t always be on the top of the Ferris wheel.


    1. Grades don’t define who you are.


    1. Move on and learn from your past.


    1. You only die once, but you live every day.


    1. Forgive the people who hurt you.


    1. Spend as much time as you can with your family.


    1. Sleep is important.


    1. Always grab the opportunity to help others.


    1. Crying is not a sign of weakness.


    1. Be thankful for all of the things your parents do for you.


    1. Sometimes we need to sacrifice in order to make things better.


    1. Appreciate the little things around you.


    1. Life is not all fun and games.


    1. Remember to smile each day because life’s too short not to be happy.


    1. Respect is very important.


    1. Bullying and discrimination is useless and pathetic. Learn to respect and love one another for who they are, not what they appear to be.


    1. Acceptance is key to a happy life.


    1. Do what you want to do, not what others tell you to do. Never force yourself to do something you’re not comfortable with.


    1. Every day is a blessing.


    1. Choose the people worth keeping in your life.


    1. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.


    1. Kill ’em with kindness.


    1. Be loyal and faithful to your loved ones.


    1. We should not find happiness in other people, but in ourselves.


    1. Never compare your problems to other people’s problems.


    1. Everything happens for a reason.


    1. Things will get better eventually. We just need hope.


    1. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.


    1. Don’t let negativity bring you down.


    1. Take your time to breathe and relax.


    1. Life’s an adventure we must journey.


    1. Everything takes time. We just need patience.


    1. It’s never too late to do the things you want to do and say the words you want to say.


    1. Always strive to be better than the person you were yesterday.


    1. Life’s too short not to dance in the rain and sing at the top of your lungs.


    1. Everyone is unique.


    1. We should love life because we only get one chance to live.

    -Mica T.