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    Being Second to his Sister

    When you are in a relationship, especially when you are married, it is expected that you will be the number one priority to your spouse. You are building a life together, as a family. 

    Yes, their family will be and should be important but you two are a family of your own now and your opinions, preferences and desires should come first over their mother’s, father’s or siblings.

    In the case of one of my exes that was not the case. I was not number one, I wasn’t even tied with the family. I was third to family and then friends. Part was my doing by pushing him away with my clingy PTSD symptoms but even when I would try to talk about how much it bothered me he would just brush it off.

    The worst person for me to come at odds with was his sister.

    They had a relationship that was misinterpreted multiple times.

    She was just as clingy with him as I was but he would help her instead of me on a regular basis.

    She came first all the time and he was protective of her almost to the point of them having their own intimate relationship.

    Even at a significant family event I was informed by friends that my husband was hanging around another woman and I had to repeatedly say that it was just his sister. While she and I got along most days I knew anytime there was a disagreement he would support her first without question.

    That is a relationship that is almost impossible to maintain.

    A spouse should always at least be the top or tied for the top priority in their significant other’s life.

    Renee Jean URFAB Contributor