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    Where imperfections are perfect and flaws are flawless
    Stop Bullying

    We are told in kindergarten, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.” What they don’t tell us, is that a broken bone heals itself. Bruises leave, scrapes go away and scars fade.

    Words can cut deeper than a knife. That internal pain doesn’t go away like a physical wound does.

    Words are being used as weapons and it is time to start defending and protecting ourselves as well as the people around us.

    There seems to be a lot of focus on how bullying is bad, rather than getting to the core of WHY people are bullying and promoting taking a stand for ourselves and one another.

    There are too many people affected by bullying that don’t and aren’t telling someone. Whether it’s because of not having someone to talk to, being embarrassed, or fear of being judged… UR not alone. UR brave, strong and worthy.

    Being bullied.

    If you or someone you love is being bullied, it can often feel like no one understands. We understand and want you to know it will and does get better. UR going to get through this.

    Although we wish we could just make the bullying and hurtful words stop with the snap of a finger, unfortunately, we cannot control other people.

    The important and exciting part is that we can learn to take control of OUR thoughts. Just because someone says something to or about you, does not make it true. Some people who are miserable with themselves will say anything to try to make you feel miserable too. Remember, nobody that is confident and loves themselves, wants or needs to hurt others.

    That person telling you are ugly and fat… Is most likely how they see themselves.

    The person saying you are stupid… Has possibly been called that their whole life by someone else.

    The group of friends harassing you… Probably aren’t real friends at all.

    Let’s get to THE CORE of why people are bullying. Nobody that loves themselves, is happy with their life and confident in themselves feels the need to bring others down. Possibly they are being bullied and abused where you don’t see?

    Bullies are made out to be strong, scary, powerful and ‘better than others.’ That couldn’t be farther from the truth. They are insecure, unhappy and possibly even jealous of the people they bully. It’s time to stop giving them the power they don’t have.

    Society’s stance seems to be: bully the bullies, into not bullying. Bully bashing is at an all-time high. Demeaning and bashing the bullies is doing exactly to them, what we are asking them not to do to others. Laws are enforced and rules are made stricter, but this issue is far greater and deeper than any laws or rules.

    Being the Bully.

    While society is busy bully bashing, they are also promoting youth to turn themselves into victims instead of sticking up for themselves and their peers. There are real victims of bullying and it is a very serious issue. A real victim is someone who is being attacked (verbally or physically) or someone who can’t defend or protect themselves.

    We are now telling kids that if someone says their shirt is ugly, they are a ‘victim of bullying.’ This is now taking the seriousness away from the real victims and encouraging youth to believe, if someone says something they don’t like, the person saying it is a bully and they are a victim of bullying.

    We promote freedom of opinion, thought and speech; but if a child says “Sally said my shoes are ugly.” Instead of reassuring that child, her shoes are super cute and maybe Sally is just jealous of her… We now tell her she is a victim and Sally is a bully. How will this set the tone for the rest of their lives? Wouldn’t it be more powerful if we taught such a valuable lesson of self-worth that our children understand not everyone has to like their shoes…? In fact, being different is awesome.

    See that bully? Remember, they are not happy with themselves. They may be getting bullied themselves. They may actually admire you. It sounds crazy, but think of it like this… Of all the people in the world, they chose you to focus their thoughts, attention and time on.

    It’s time to take responsibility for ourselves and take a stand for one another.

    See someone being bullied? STICK UP FOR THEM!

    Are you being bullied? STAND UP FOR YOURSELF!

    Maybe even befriend a bully…

    UR brave. UR bully-proof.