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    Where imperfections are perfect and flaws are flawless


    We all experience life in different ways and see through different lenses. Circumstance, situation, lifestyle, decisions, life changing events and experiences are unique for every single one of us. But what’s not so different is that we all experience feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, embarrassment, numbness and confusion.

    Everyone experiences depression differently.

    What is depression to YOU? We asked some people and this is what depression means to them:

    • Feeling sad every morning and every night. – R. 16 yrs.
    • Not being able to physically get out of bed, eat, or function. – B. 32 yrs.
    • Being upset about something (or nothing) and not being able to control it. – H.18 yrs.
    • Feeling completely alone in a room full of people. – S. 29 yrs.

    It could be depression that started from the death of someone you love. It could be a breakup, a certain situation, physical change or personal change. It could be post-partum depression. It could be not accomplishing a certain goal you wanted- when you wanted. It can also be for no exact reason at all.

    Depression can affect the people you would assume have it all- money, power, fame, family, beauty…

    Depression does not discriminate who it affects.

    Depression does not mean you are weak. You are strong for reading this right now and wanting to better yourself.

    Because we all feel, experience and express feelings in our own individual way, it’s not healthy to assume depression is the same for everyone. There could be 5 people sitting in a room all suffering from depression and every one of them is feeling a different pain, expressing it differently and needing something different in form of support.

    Some cry every day while others smile through the pain.

    Some express their feelings while others are numb and emotionless.  

    Some seek constant support and some refuse to ask for help.

    Some of us have no problem sharing our story, while others feel embarrassed to tell theirs.

    There is absolutely never a reason to feel ashamed, embarrassed or inferior for feeling how you feel. There are people all around you experiencing depression that you would never know. Depression is different for all of us.

    It is important to reach out for support in the right way and not imprison yourself inside. UR never alone in what you are feeling. When we feel the most alone, is when other people are feeling the same way and just want to know there is someone else that knows that same pain.

    UR NEVER ALONE in what you are feeling.

    When we read about depression it is often very standardized. “If you have 4 of these symptoms, you have depression and need to seek medical attention along with prescription medication.” Depression can be a very serious dis-ease. URFAB is not telling you medication is right or wrong. This is a decision to be made solely between you, your doctor and family.

    If you have seen a doctor who has diagnosed you with depression and prescribed you medication, this does not mean you are weak and will never feel better. Again, that decision is to be made solely between you, your doctor and family. Treatment is a necessary option, no matter what that option looks like for you, you have to do what’s best for you and your personal situation. Just like we all experience depression differently, we all need different treatment.

    Medical help is the best option for some people. If you are one of the many people in this category and this is your situation, it’s always important to remember UR strong, powerful and worthy of happiness. While the medication is doing what the doctors intend it to do for proper treatment, it is important you work on strengthening and empowering your mind while learning to love yourself. UR worthy of happiness!

    Many people refuse or choose not to take medication. Again, this is a personal decision. Whether you are taking medication, talking to someone, doing both or dealing with it on your own, it’s crucial to remember UR not alone. UR on your way to your deserved happiness! UR surrounded by support and many people who can relate to you.

    UR deserving!