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    Where imperfections are perfect and flaws are flawless
    Deep Bank Accounts And Empty Souls

    Money Isn’t Everything

    Deep Bank Accounts and Empty Souls.

    Money is one of the most powerful things in this world next to love.

    It can create so much material happiness and in the same breath destroy every ounce of you.

    Money can consume your every thought, while it cares nothing about you.

    Money can become an obsession; we’re either obsessing over how to get more or how to keep what we have.

    Money can buy us all the things we can’t take to our grave, yet we allow it to demolish the only things we can- relationships, love and self-worth.

    We judge people by a mere glimpse of what they drive, what brand of clothing they wear, the size of their house, the cost of their shoes, how much they spend when they go out.

    But it doesn’t stop there. We are not only judging others, we judge ourselves too.

    ‘I would be better if I had to the money to do this.’

    ‘Life would be easier if I had this much more money.’

    ‘I would be better if I could afford to have that.’ …

    Money doesn’t guarantee happiness. In fact, sometimes it can create misery.

    There are many people living with deep bank accounts but empty souls.

    While many others have rich souls and empty bank accounts.

    Money can buy a home, but also destroy the family living in it.

    Money can buy you an expensive pair of shoes, but it can’t provide you with somewhere to walk.

    Money can fill your home with ‘things’, but not with love.

    No amount of money can buy you inner confidence or happiness. If your confidence is based off what you wear, own, drive or anything exterior- it is not real confidence.

    Real confidence comes from within and has no bearing on material things or money.

    Real happiness comes from the inside, not from what you see or have on the outside.

    Money is nice to have, but it cannot make you happy or a good person.

    Money can and does come and go. is essential to find and create your happiness that has nothing to do with money.

    No amount of dollars can fill your heart with happiness.

    YOU must fill your heart with happiness.

    Yes, money is a necessity of life to survive, but never a means to destroy or decide your health, happiness, love, relationships or self-worth. I wish every person on this planet unlimited abundance and ‘riches’… But my biggest wish is for us to reinterpret the meaning of ‘rich’.

    If you are breathing, reading this and have love in your life… You are richer than many bank accounts.

    A. URFAB