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    Where imperfections are perfect and flaws are flawless
    Everything Is Easier When You Are Attractive

    Everything is easier when you’re attractive

    People often think being ‘beautiful’ means you get everything easy… Men, women, relationships, jobs and life in general come with no effort and life is a walk in the park.

    That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    Being attractive often means you aren’t taken seriously and have to prove yourself that much more. This has happened so many times, especially when it comes to business. When walking into a business meeting, I have been told numerous times based off first impression, they thought I was just a pretty face. My face isn’t even one of my best assets.

    Brain, heart, creativity, compassion, thoughtfulness and soul are what makes people attractive.

    I am constantly having to prove this in a shallow and superficial driven world. So while you may think looks are what got me that business deal, the reality is, my looks made me have to work and hustle that much harder to be taken seriously and prove myself.

    When it comes to relationships, there could be countless people that want you, but few that can actually handle your ‘appearance’. You could be the most loyal man or woman in the world, but many people can be insecure and feel your beauty means you will cheat on them, be dishonest or will leave them for someone ‘better’.

    Appearance has nothing to do with (my) loyalty. No matter how attractive another person is, those looks will never steal my attention, love or loyalty. If you got me, I clearly don’t want to be anywhere else or with anyone else. When I know what I want, I know what I want and don’t look in another direction.

    Don’t assume because someone is attractive they have less of intentions.

    It can be frustrating when dealing with heartbreak and people say “Oh, you’re too handsome/ beautiful to ever be heartbroken.” Yes, it’s flattering, but the truth is:

    We will all experience rejection and heartbreak.

    It’s a horrible feeling. So while you’re reminding someone of all the reasons anyone would want them, they might be trying to figure out the one reason why the only person they want, doesn’t want them back. No matter what you see in the mirror, that feeling of rejection can make you feel hideous. It can conquer your my mind, take over every thought and make you feel insecure about yourself; no matter how flattering of things are being told to you. Please know that feeling is temporary.

    The girls and women you think are so stunning, still have insecurities.

    The women you call intimidating are probably the most vulnerable.

    When you call her unapproachable you have no idea she’s actually ridiculously approachable, friendly and down to earth.

    The men you think look the toughest, often cry the most.

    The ones you think have no emotion, can be the ones who bottle up the most emotion.

    Insecurities still run through the veins of the men you find the most attractive.

    Double standards are real and when it comes to beauty they are high. Beautiful women are constantly being knocked down for ‘getting an easy ride in life’, not having to ‘work for anything’ and having nothing more than appearance to offer the world.

    Attractive men are often being judged for ‘being vain’ while having ‘no brains’.

    The reality is, the people who are so busy judging others based on exterior looks and ‘things’, are the same people complaining about being judged. If you don’t want someone judging you based solely off your appearance, don’t judge others on theirs, even if they are attractive.

    It doesn’t matter how beautiful or attractive someone is in another person’s eyes-

    We are ALL beautiful in our own ways.

    We are all attractive.

    When we start making an effort to judge less, we in return will be judged less.

    Judge less to be judged less.

    Attractive = Being kind, giving, thoughtful, forgiving, loving, compassionate and anything positive you can give yourself and the Universe. You are attractive from the inside first.

    Everything is easier when you’re attractive.