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    Photon Harvest short film: Depression

    Depression is a brand new short film by Photon Harvest Productions, an independent movie production company based in Los Angeles. Below is a short interview we conducted with the director of the project.

    Interview with Cameron Miller-DeSart by A.C.

    1. What was the deciding factor for choosing this story for the 2 minute short you and your team created?

    At Photon Harvest, we love telling stories. We recently launched a creative series where we tell these stories in short windows of time. In fact we like to keep each phase of production around an hour (filming, editing, sound design, etc.). With that sort of pace, we allow the stories to come to us and unfold organically. Whatever sparks that creative urge is acted upon because it doesn’t take a lot of time or resources to execute. When I heard a story about a family friend’s description of depression, I knew I wanted to tell it visually.

    2. Why was it based around depression?

    My mother told me the story about a family friend who battled with the affliction. The terribly ignorant prescription of “just get over it” is destructive and unrealistic. Depression is so powerfully crushing that even if there were a pill on a table next to you that would cure your pain and alleviate the sorrow in your heart, the suffocating puissance of depression wouldn’t allow you to take that magical cure. I felt compelled to illustrate that and I knew I had brilliant people around me to make that happen.

    3. Was the bearded protagonist supposed to embody depression or was it medication?

    The bearded man in the suit embodies depression. He is always around and cannot be escaped. He offers the pill to cure her affliction knowing full well that she doesn’t even have the energy to reach out and take it.

    4. What do you hope viewers take away from this short?

    I don’t pretend to be an expert on the disorder. I just heard a very sad story that helped me digest this terrible thing a bit better. I hope this short does the same to others, and cultivates some understanding and empathy around the topic.