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    Where imperfections are perfect and flaws are flawless
    Imperfections And All

    URFAB- Jelly Roles, Pimples, Imperfections and All

    If you could create the most beautiful version of YOU… your personal version of ‘perfection’, what does he/she look like?

    A lot of answers may include:

    • Being thinner
    • Better skin
    • Longer lashes
    • Clearer skin
    • Bigger boobs
    • Smaller boobs
    • Straighter teeth
    • Whiter teeth
    • Longer hair
    • Thicker hair
    • Tanner skin
    • Lighter skin
    • Taller
    • Shorter
    • Skinnier
    • More Curves
    • Bigger butt
    • Smaller butt

    ….. The list goes on.

    Have you ever thought of anything on that list? I have.

    What is it that trains our brain to tell us what beautiful is?

    It seems as if celebrities, trends, images on billboards and people in magazines have a huge impact on how we visualize in our mind what ‘being beautiful’ is. We see pictures, ads and social media posts where that flawless image is what we view as ideal beauty… Yet, that picture was actually staged, airbrushed and photo shopped.

    It’s natural to want to be a better and healthier version of yourself. The problem is, we forget how fabulous we already are and subconsciously compare ourselves to others.

    You are you, which is better than being like anyone else.

    Admire others from afar, but appreciate and love yourself up close.

    I can be my harshest critic and own worst enemy. I overlook, overthink and over analyze. I can be an over-the-top perfectionist and I definitely get into my own head. We often self-sabotage ourselves.

    But our head is where it all starts… creates… and where it all ends.

    Our minds are so powerful that we can and DO CREATE physical things… just from our thoughts. This is the most amazing gift, power and strength of a human… but also the most dangerous and self-destructive. We often get in our own heads and see things that aren’t really there. We forget to realize, respect and appreciate everything that is so right with us, RIGHT NOW, because it’s so easy to focus on what we don’t like, what we want to change and what we desire in the future. We forget that most of the things in our present, are a reflection of things we have (or haven’t) desired in the past. Where you put your most effort and intention is where you will get your results. If you are thinking negatively, your results will be negative.

    Want to know the simplest trick ever?

    Love yourself the way you are AS-IS, right now.

    Want to lose some weight? Desire to be healthier and happier? Good! It’s healthy to always want to be a better version of YOURSELF, but you have to accept and love what you see in the mirror before you can make any changes for the better… (Jelly roles, pimples, imperfections and all!)

    You can’t be a better version of you until you love yourself AS-IS. UR absolutely amazing the way you are right now. The sooner you realize this and accept it, the sooner you can start your journey to a healthier, happier and better you.

    Never compare yourself to others. Be a better and healthier version of YOU. After all, URFAB… Just the way you are.

    -A. URFAB

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